Chaire UP

Webpage of the “Chaire professorale Université Paris Cité” (09/2021 – 12/2024).
Plan d’investissements France 2030, IDEX UP ANR-18-IDEX-0001.


  • A. Belotto da Silva (Principal Investigator, Université Paris Cité, IMJ-PRG)

  • Y. Jiang (Université Paris Cité, IMJ-PRG)
  • K. Morvan (Université Paris Cité, IMJ-PRG)
  • M. Ruggiero (Université Paris Cité, IMJ-PRG)

Scientific topics

  • Singular metrics
  • Resolution of singularities
  • Foliation Theory
  • Bi-Lipschitz geometry

Fellowships supported by the Chaire

  • Yueting Jiang (PhD, 09/2022 – 08/2025).
  • Yueting Jiang (Master, 03/2022 – 08/2022).

Scientific events organized with the support from the Chaire

Scientific visits supported by the Chaire

  1. L. Rifford (09/2021).
  2. J. Fernandez de Bobadilla (05/2022).
  3. M. Pe Pereira (05/2022).
  4. D. Grieser (04/2022).

Publications supported by the Chaire.

  1. A. Belotto da Silva, A. Parusinski and L. Rifford, “Abnormal subanalytic distributions and minimal rank Sard Conjecture”, hal-03741318, [matj.DG], 2022.
  2. A. Belotto da Silva, O. Curmi and G. Rond, “On rank Theorems and the Nash points of subanalytic sets”, arxiv:2205.03079, [math.AG], 2022.